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Nothing is better than a walk, bike ride, (or even winter snowshoe outing) along a scenic, natural trail.  Unless, of course, that trail is connected to miles upon miles of other trails, all ripe for the exploring.  That's why a huge part of our mission is not only to forge new paths, but to connect existing ones - bringing together the people and the places we love.

You can read below to learn more about our existing trails or check out our Annual Report.  



Trail guides for Saginaw County Trails

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Trail guides for Bay County Trails



Trail guides for Midland County Trails

Saginaw Valley Rail Trail
Saginaw Twp. George Olson Pathway
City of Saginaw Riverwalk
Kochville Twp. Multi-Use Pathway
Zilwaukee Pathway
Thomas Trail

Bay Area Riverwalk / Rail Trail
Bay City State Recreation Area
Bangor Twp. Rail Trail
Hampton Rail Trail
Hampton Twp. Nature Trail
Portsmouth Twp. Rail Trail
Fraser Twp. Rail Trail

Pere Marquette Rail Trail
Chippewa Nature Center Trail
City Loop Trail

Trail Etiquette 

Safety First

Be Prepared

Whether you are walking, running, or biking, be sure to prepare for your adventure with ample hydration and food.  Prepare for your trip by reviewing the trail maps found here, notifying someone of your plans, and wearing appropriate gear for weather, safety, and health!

Trail Conditions

Prior to using a trail, please evaluate thh conditions for safety concerns.  Michigan weather can pose a threat to you as well as our trails.  Be sure to know your route in case you encounter poor trail conditions, and then be sure to let us know!

Report a Concern

Have a concern about one of the trails or the etiquette on them?  Use our contact page to report your concern!  Down power lines, trail weathering concerns, or incident reports are helpful to further protect our trails and the communities that use them! 

Yield to Others

In order to maintain safety on our trails, please yield to others as you walk, run, bike, and skate.  For your own safety hug the right-hand side of the trail except to pass.  When passing please alert others by saying "passing on your left".  In this way all can enjoy the trails! 

Leave No Trace

Help to preserve the natural beauty of our trails by "Leaving No Trace".  Do not leave or take anything from the areas you pass through so that others can enjoy our area's beauty as well! 

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